torsdag 13. februar 2014

Arsene Wenger Fun Facts

Arsene Wenger , coach of Arsenal since 1996-heres som fun facts:

1. Often gets called "The professor"- there may be more than one reason for that, but having a master degree in both economic and engineering as well  as speaking English, German, French-and a little Japanese, Spanish and Italian might have something to do with it...

2. One of Wengers most known achievements is  getting Henry to Arsenal from Juventus making him an even better player and one of the best of his time. Less known is that it was Wenger who brought former FIFA world player of the year George Weah to Europa, to Monaco in 1988.

3. Wenger has won the Super Cup-in Japan.....

And I`m not even getting into "pizzagate" after ManUtd stopped their 49-unbeaten streak...

mandag 27. januar 2014

Fun fact: White Hart Lane around the world

The nylon twine  under the pitch on White Hart Lane has a lengt of approximately 40 000km... This is more than the diameter of the earth... The nylon twine is used to tie the roots of the gras together.

tirsdag 21. januar 2014

Most scored penalties for Liverpool FC

Who has scored the most penaltygoals for Liverpool one might ask-and the immiedlately think "Gerrard! Gotta be Gerrard" !!!  But its not-actually he gotta play a few seasons more to reach the top of this list- the top ten  penalties scored  for Liverpool FC are as followes:

10. Michael Owen  13
9. Gordon Hodgson 15
8. Terry McDermott 16
7. John Aldridge 17
6. Robbie Fowler 20
5. Tommy Smith 22
4. Billy Liddell 34
3. Steven Gerrard 35
2. Phil Neal 38
1. Jan Mølby 42

Jan Mølby played for Liverpool 1984-1994 (he was in the club until 96 but was on loan 95). One of the many great Liverpool players from Scandinavia!

søndag 19. januar 2014

Fun fact: Chelsea vs Manchester United could give 100 Mourinho wins

Before the big game between Chelsea and Manchester United 19.january 2014, the visitors are unusually far behind the top place in the league. Mourinho and Chelsea are far closer, keeping good pace along with Arsenal and Manchester City.

Fun fact: Mourinho has never lost to Manchester United on Stamford Bridge

Fun fact 2: If Chelsea wins this will be Jose Mourinhos 100 victory in the Premier League

fredag 17. januar 2014

The ten players with lowest red card ratio in Premier League history

Every player gets a yellow card sooner or later when they play matches every week. Some get many. Not all players get red cards-but many do. Some players gets more than their fair share of the red cards... In average, any player should receive a red card every 132 games 1/132 ratio) -if they were given out randomly. Which they are not...and this is the worst ten of the players who have received 5 red cards or more:

10. Joey Barton 5 red card in 227 matches 1/45 ratio

9. Don Hutchinson 5 red cards in 220 matches 1/44 ratio

8. Patrick Vieira 8 red cards in 307 matches 1/38 ratio

7. Duncan  Ferguson 8 red cards in 269 matches 1/34 ratio

6. Frank Queudrue 6 red cards in 195 matches 1/33 ratio

5. Vinnie Jones 6 red cards in 184 matches 1/31 ratio

4. Nikos Dabizas 5 red cards in 148 matches 1/30 ratio

3. Lee Cattermole 7 red cards in 201 matches 1/29 ratio

2. Frank Leboeuf 5 red cards in 144 matches 1/29 ratio

1. John Hartson 6 red cards in 156 matches 1/26 ratio

Despite all his red cards- Hartson might be remembered by most for this kick on TEAMMATE Berkovic on the traingfield...

If youre wondering about Roy Keane- 7 red cards but he had 366 matches giving him an ratio of "only" 1/52.... one might say his red for damaging Alf Inge Haaland for life should have given him at least two at once... Mario Balotelli? His ratio is a whopping 1/18 but 3 reds in 54 games doesnt cut the 5-reds minimum for this list. We await his return to the Premier League...

onsdag 15. januar 2014

Highest average clean sheet in Premier League since 1992

There are 13 goalkeepers that have more than 100 cleansheets in the Premier League since 1992, David James have the most with 169 in totalt in 572 matches. But whos the one with the highest average cleansheets of these great  goalkeepers? Youre probably thinking of Peter Scmeichel, Van Der Sar and Cech I think? Well-they are up there but I`m guessing the top 3 will have at least one small surprise for most of you.....

1.Petr Cech 150/313 0.49
2.Jose Reina 134/285 0.47
3.Mark Schwarzer  149/504 0.41 (94 of 149 for Middlesbrough!)
4.David Seaman 142/344 0.41
5. Peter Schmeichel 129/310 0.41
6.Nigel Martyn 138/372 0.37 (82 out of 138 for Leeds!)
7.Tim Howard 111/325 0.34
8.Edwin Van Der Sar 134/314  0.32
9. Jussi Jaaskelainen 108/435 0.32
10. Thomas Sørensen 109/361 0.3
11.David James 169/572 0.29 (Clean sheets for 5 different clubs!)
12.Brad Friedel 132/450 0.29
13.Shay Given 115/440 0.26

Luis Suarez goalscore average

As of 16.january 2014 the average goalscore for Luis Suarez is  twice as high (1.38) as the average achieved by Premier League topscorer 2013/2014 season Robin Van Persie (0.68)